DiskCraft: Open Source Billing System.

Full of features to make your customers happy and your life easier.

DiskCraft is an open-source, feature-rich billing panel which offers many features which make running your company easier.

Fully customizable

DiskCraft is open source, allowing for you to make adjustments and changes at any point in time without waiting for us to update it for you

For Pterodactyl and KVM.

DiskCraft is currently designed to interface with Pterodactyl and Qemu, however we're always open to adding support for new panels!

Open and transparent

The code behind DiskCraft is open and available at our GitHub, in order to improve transparency and improve our software based on user feedback.

Functional, yet also beautiful.

DiskCraft is constantly trying to improve in order to give the best experience to you and your customers, because nobody wants a billing system that doesn't look the part.

UI Screenshots

These images are screenshots taken from V2 of DiskCraft.